Product: MIXER


General Data

The mixing is certainly the most critical phase of the concrete production process and the quality of the concrete depends heavily on the quality of the mixer. With this basic fact in mind, SIMEM has developed a range of planetary pan mixes called SUN that guarantees the most homogeneous mix in the minimum mixing time.  

Due to the efficiency of the compulsory mixing action, the SUN range meets the requirements of various production processes: plants for truck mixers, pre-casting factories, mobile plants, construction site plants and special mixing process(powders, waste treatment, chemical components etc.) The mixing flow is highly efficient because of the integrated action of the central stars(one or more depending on models) in planetary rotation, combined with different peripheral scrapping shovels

The whole motion is driven through the transmission system which is designed with a powerful electronic motor flanged on top of the mixing tank with an epicycloidal gearbox at 2 or 3 stages; the main gearbox is then directly driving the lower group of gear, submerged into a grease tank to minimise the mechanical friction. The internal frame of the mixing tank is completely covered with interchangeable panels made of special anti-wear materials, while the mixing paddles are manufactured with a steel frame coated with a special anti-wear rubber. All the paddles are shaped, depending on the specific position, to optimise the flow of materials and to minimise the wear aggression of aggregates on paddles surfaces. hydro-dynamic profiles are thus provided for both the scraping paddles and the central mixing paddles as well as for the supporting shafts.

based on the experience of SIMEM 30 years activity in the field of concreate mixing process, the design of SUN mixers is nowdays representing the state of the art technology for planetary pan type mixers.

Planetary gearbox, vertically coupled to the electronic driving motor. The adoption of first class standard electric motors and epicyclogidal gearboxes gives the guarantee of an industrial application, with parts and maintenance services available immediately all over the world

The transmission and driving system is fully concentrated vertically in the centre of the mixing tank, thus the whole peripheral area is available for aggregates/cementinlets and for inspection and cleaning operations

All around the mixing tank highly resistant steel inspection gates are provided for facilitated access to the mixing tank. Inspection windows and safety limit switches are installed according to the most strict safety regulations.

Water distribution pipe is integrated around the mixing tank with injection nozzles distributed homogeneously on the peripheral circle. This configuration grants the perfect distribution of water and eventually liquid admixtures all over the mixing area.

Technical Data

Model 450 750 1500 2500 3000
Dry filling capacity (ltr)
450 750 1500 2500 3000
Compacted concrete output (ltr)
300 500 1000 1700 2000
Mixing Time (Sec) 30-90 30-90 30-90 30-90 30-90
Maximum Aggregate Size (Mm) 40 40 40 40 40
Maximum Motors (Kw) 11 18.5 44 75 90
mixing stars (N)
Centeral Mixing Paddles 2+2 2+2 2+2
Lateral Arms (n)
Lateral Scrapping Paddles (n) 2+2 2+2 2+2
Hydravlic Unit Motor (Kw) 1.5 1.5 2.2 2.2 2.2
Loading Skip Motor (Kw) 7.5 11 18.5 22
Skip Speed (Mts/Min) 24 24 24 24 24
Skip Capacity (Lts) 450 750 1500 2500 3000
Net Weight without Skip (Kg) 1850 2100 5000 7200 7500
Net Weight with Skip (Kg) 2400 2750 6500 9000 9400